Exponential Growth Advisors ("EGrA")

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Please see answers to some common questions you may have regarding the EGrAccelerator


How does EGrAccelerator help companies   

EGrAccelerator focuses on the financial readiness of the companies. We aim to bring more financial focus to a business. Financial focus includes understanding your key business drivers, identifying value creation activities, and becoming more "fundable". 


What is EGrAccelerator's program schedule

EGrAccelerator is a six-month program and companies can enroll at the beginning of any month. If the companies are selected, we will schedule monthly sessions with the team. 


How many companies has the EGrAccelerator helped

EGrAccelerator and its team has advised and mentored close to 40 companies. 


Can EGrAccelerator connect me with investors

We network and build relationships with investors throughout the country and aim to involve them as closely as possible with the startups in our program. 


Does EGrAccelerator provide upfront funding

We do not provide any upfront funding. Our program is focused around preparing you to better understand your business drivers and raising funds during the course of or after the program. 

We will offer 25% discounts on any of our advisory services offerings


Disclaimer: Information presented here is for general reference. Every startup and their situation is different and our engagement with them would be different. We do not guarantee any results. All rights reserved.