Exponential Growth Advisors ("EGrA")
Business Strategy
Financial Strategy
Technology Strategy

Welcome to EGrAdvisors or "EGrA"

EGrA helps companies achieve exponential growth by developing their business strategy, financial strategy, and technology plans. Our team has worked with Fortune 100,  mid-market, and startup companies. As a company looking to achieve exponential growth, we understand your need for 

  • Out-of-box thinking to disrupt existing businesses or create a new industry all together: We bring years of management consulting experience and adapt those frameworks to advise "disruptive" companies
  • Proprietary Tools: We have built proprietary tools to help you analyze your business and financial priorities. Contact us to find out more about our Quick Valuation Calculator, "MNP" Growth Framework, and many other analytic tools
  • Capital to implement your business plan: We bring the "Wall-Street" way of financial planning and modeling to help you with a more accurate way of projecting your financial needs. Having worked with several multi-million transactions, we understand what investors and lenders look for in their portfolio companies. We can help you get ready for new money or find creative ways to fund your operations
  • New technology implementations or support existing technology initiatives: Our team has the experience of working with dynamic technology teams and helping them with their data analytics and development teams. Whether you are looking for new technology implementation or overseeing an existing project, we can support your technology needs
  • "30,000 Feet" view to ensure business, financial, and technology strategies move in harmony: One of our big capabilities is that we follow a holistic approach to our advisory engagements. This helps you understand how a change in one of the strategic moves can have a cascading effect on all other plans





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